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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Miss My Parents

So....this year i study in form 4!!yeah thats right i am in form 4 already..but why i still feel and act like i am still in standard 3???ohhh well...i am so childish..who don't know me??haha..

I am in foem 3 and i am no loonger study at SMKS 7...i an now moved to SMTD a.ka SMaTeD i am~~lol..i still dosen't believe myself..i am here away from my parents and bestfriends..learn to be independent and all kind of stuff.. and don't tell if i miss my parents or not..of course i am ******* love them **** much!!!!!!!!!no doubt only them who i always remember morning?midday?evening?night?only them conquer my mind and soul!!but that what makes me relise their important roles in my life!!


It have been a long time!

hey there!!happy new year!!........????new year??huh it is almost may and this is the first thing that i update since 2011!i am a very lazy blogger!but who cares!haha

And!fyi I update this blog bcoz of my friend!!she viewed my blog a few days i think i need to update something!!haha..

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Wednesday 20th October 2010
i go to school..........


Sunday, October 10, 2010


i am facing PMR now!!!and..............................................i hate it!!the pressure is so much pain for me...what if i coundn't get what my parents want me to get??


Friday, June 4, 2010

SUJU FanFic (continue 2)


LSM also go there..all the reporters also arrive..the rescue squad prepares evrything..while the physicology specialist arrive..they comfort ___ and hypnotize her..bcoz her condition is so dangerous..she is out of control…after a few days, she is awake..

___:am I in haeven?

Doctor:so you are are still in hospital.

___:what?(wanna get up but her hands and leg are tied to the side of the bed)

Doctor:we will release you until you are really stable and can think straight..oh and your brothers are outside..they look after you fo r a few days..i’ll let them meet you..

___:yes please.. are you?are you feeling well?

___:oppa..i miss you guys..i miss mom and dad too…

G-d:we miss them to..but why did you do this…why you wanna kill your-self?we are with you..not that bastard!!!

T.O.P:patient!she just awake..let her tell us when it’s the rite time..

___:oppa…(start crying)I need someone to talk too…you know I love him more than I love my life..i never love someone like this after omma is dead…

G-d:we will take care of you..dont us when ever you need us..we will cancel our shcedule for you..right hyung?


___:oppa..i wanna go home for awhile..i cannot meet anybody now…

T.O.P:ok..we will take care of you…

After 2 weeks..___ condition is now fully recover…it means…suju and her havent meet at that time…LSM give her 1 months rest..her brothers take care of her a lot..3 days before she will be back with the company..unexpected guest come and visit her..(8.00a.m)


___:ooh!!!!annyeonghaseyo!!!sunbaenim come in…

DBSK: kamsahamnida..

Yunho:how are you?

___:Im fine…why are you guys visiting me?

Jaejoong LSM-sonsaengnim ask for us to take a look at you..

___:but why not SuJu?

Yoochun:we also don’t know..

Yunho: actually..he afraid you wont be able to be apart of SM family..and he afraid if SuJu come you will stress out..and we are going to stay with you untill you be back with the company…


Jaejoong:to make sure you save and have a lot of memory with us…haha

Yoochun: how I wish to have a girl member in our group…

Junsu:you are building castle in the sky..i know you want someone sexy like megan fox right?haha(ue kyang ue kyang)

Yoochun:shut your duck butt up!!

Junsu:Ya!! guys are funny…I think we are gonna have alots of fun…

T.O.P: ehh?DBSK is here?

___:oppa..they are going to take care of me for these three days..

T.O.P:where are you going?

___:its up to you oppa…and I want you to bring us where ever you want..i want to have a vacation…can or not?

G-dragon:ofcourse you can as long as we are with can go to the end of the world!!!

___:haha..and I want you guys to be with to…can right?(look at Yunho)

Yunho:haha of course can..they are your brothers..

T.O.P:great!ity must be fun to hang out with other do you want to go?

___:oppa I really want to go JeJu island..remember last time..when we want to go with mom and dad.?...i really want to go there…and I want to visit them to..

Junsu:your parents live there?

___:no they are burried there..

Jaejoong : I m sorry to hear that..

___:nvm…they are happy now..haha(forced laugh)

T.O.P:I’ve book V.I.P tickets for us to go there..its tonight..

___: yay!!it has been a long time I’ve been resting at last a vacation is waiting for me..and I’m going with DBSK… so exited..

G-dragon: you are not happy leaving with us…?

___: its not like that..oppa..

T.O.P:..common..pack your stuff..we will be moving 2 hours from now..

___:mom..wait for me…im going to visit you (POV)

After 2 hours..they start their about 10.00am..they arrive at JeJu island just in time for lunch..while they are eating..there are so many fans are taking their pic…there are also fans that are very jealous with ___...

Fans 1:___ is so lucky..gotta hang out with DBSK and Big Bang..

Fans 2:what a lucky girl…how I wish I am her..

Fans 1:I am super duper jealous with her..if can I wanna go there and pretend to be her old friend..then push her from the chair if she say she don’t even know me..

Fans3:ya!!your imagination is too impossible..stop dreaming..but I wonder why she is not with SuJu..

Fans 2:ya right..lets go..we are done taking their pic to be edited rite…so lets go..its a hot story topost..hehe(somekind of fan and anti-fan at the same time)

They are having so much fun…they enjoy the holiday so much..dont even mist one shot for anything..but at the same time ___ remember at her members and of course Donghae the most..but she is good at covering her true feelings..

After 3 days..she have to go back with the company..DBSK bring her the company… been so long since I left feelings maybe I miss it too much I think..

Yunho:you..really miss the company?believe me after this you wouldn’t.


Jaejoong:they will only allow you to go and visit you parents just a week for one year..

___:serious?!!(shout really loud)

Leeteuk:___!!!you are back!!(run to her and hug her tightly)

___:opppa!!i miss you guys..where ra ethe others?i wanna meet my dad..

Eunhyuk:he is going for a show..will be back at 6pm..

___:ahh!!!monkey oppa..i miss you so much!!!(hug eunhyukie)


___:ah!donghae-ssi..long time no see(shake hands with him only)I wanna rest at the dorm…see you..*waving*(at everyone)

Donghae:…yes…see you again…

Leeteuk:let me help you with the lugage.

___:thanx oppa ^-^(smile sweetly)lets go..i cant wait to meet the others..

In the lift…they accidently met tiffany..

___:oppa..(see tiffany suddenly)…

Leeteuk:what?..come to our dorm if you feel bored..heechul is coming it just 10.00am..___~!___~!

___:(shocked)eh?..ah..ok.. are you?

___:eh? fine..what about are you with him?

Tiffany:oh..we are usuall.. good..ah..i reach my level..see you again..

Leeteuk:after pack your things..come to our dorm..

___:I was thinking that too..i cannot wait to see kyuhyun..i miss him the most..

After packed her things up..___ go t o leeteuk’s dorm..most of suju member gathered there too..___ give her members supprise when she is at leeteuk dorm.

___:ding dong! Ding dong!(pressing the doorbell)

Leeteuk:racoon!racoon!KIM YOUNGWOON!

Kangin:ne hyung?waeyo?

Leeteuk:go and open the door..see who is coming..

Kangin:ahh…why me..??there are so many people her…aish!(go and open the door)*shocked*

___:racoon oppa!anyyeong^-^*bow**hug him*

Suju: (shocked hearing girl voice and run to the door)*hug the person immiditely*

Shindong:oohh!! are you..when did you arrieved?

___: a few seconds ago..haha


___:where is kyuhyun?

Kyuhyun:im here(he is standing at the back)

___: (run to him)oppa…*hug him* I miss you so much..*tearing*

Kyuhyun:I miss you too..dont cry…*wipping her tears*

___:I really miss all of you…especially Kyuhyun…thank god im still alive…I will miss you more if im in heaven right now…

Leeteuk:___-ah..dont say like the oldest member…I must protect you..please don’t do anything stupid again..ok..?

___:oppa..i wont!

Leeteuk:promise us!

___: I promise..haha

Eunhyuk: why are you laughing?it seem that you are joking..haha

___:no..i miss to laugh hard with you guys..make me laugh will cure the missing feeling to you…

Shindong:your sentence don’t wanna lose..

___:who wanna lose…haha



In the evening when heechul arrive..he noticed that no one was at their he call hankyung


Heechul:hankyung-ah..where are you..?there is no one seems so there a storm or what..

Hankyung:don’t be silly..thats not a joke..we are at eeteuk’s dorm..come over..

Heechul:ahh..why..?im so come here..i am tired..

Hankyung:you will regret it if you don’t come here..

Heechul:aish..ok ok..i will be there in seconds.


Back at leeteuk’s dorm:-

While they are laughing happily suddenly..

Heechul:’ding dong!-ding dong!’

___:I’ll get it..’ll get it*pointing at eunhyuk* ust be heechul..

Eunhyuk:why me?is there nobody else can open the door?hush!*go and open the door*

Heechul:if I am regret im coming her..i will kill all of you!!!


Heechul:ah!___-ah!!*run towards her and hug her tightly*when did you arrive?do you know how much I miss you?!

___:appa..i miss you so much too..for real..i don’t want to seprate with you guys again…

Kangin:hyung-ah..someone will be jealous if you hug her continously..

Heechul:*look at donghae*

Others:*look at hankyung*

Hankyung:don’t look at not homo..that fish will jealous..*pointing at donghae*

___:ah~he wont jealous..we rae ok now..we are me and all of belong to nobody free..right hae?

Dongahe:oh~!yes..yes..we are..yes..*look down*POV’I never want to let you go..but this situation..i cant get off this..’ -end of POV-AAHHHH!!

___:*shocked*hae?are you ok?

Donghae:more then ok..!(rudely)

___:hey fishy!!dont talk to me like that!

Heechul:the war is coming back…I can smell me if we leave them alone…they will be the 3rd world war..

___:appa..lets go back..i don’t like the air in her*pulling heechul and hankyung’s hand*

Heechul:kaja kaja..

___:bye everyone..see you tomorrow..*bow*

All exept donghae:bye..*send them to door..*

At ___,heeechul and hankyung’s dorm:- you have any schedule tomorrow?

Heechul:ermm…yess!but one the morning..why?

___:what time?


___:great..can we go anywhere after that?i miss walking and talking with you…

Heechul:ok..that will be so great..^-^

Hankyung:not taking me with you:

___:oppa..of course we will take you with us..

Heechul:will you ask kyuhun too?

___:no…just three of us..can?

Hankyung:it will be great…

Heechul:where do you want to go?

___:amusement park?


The night:-

Heechul and Hankyung’s dorm have 2 bedrooms..___ sleeps in heechul’s bedroom..heechul sleep with hankyung in the room ___ is crying..she never feel like that before..she just love donghae so much..she can act as there is nothing ever happen between them buut the truth..she can never forget donghae..almost everynight she is crying but tonight accidently she cried a little too loud..and was heard by heechul…

Heechul:*open her room’s door* ___-ah..kwenchanna?

___:ah..appa*wipe her tears*..ah..kwenchanna..i just miss my parents..

Heechul:it is not just about them right?it must about me too..i will go from 8-11am tomorrow right?!


Heechul:nvm..i wont go for long my daughter…

Heechul:sleep my daughter…or you want me to sleep with you….?

___:appa~~go out..i wanna sleep…

Heechul:ok..good night my daughther…*kiss her at forehead*

___:goodnight appa..dont you ever do that again..!

In the morning,___ wake up a little bit late..heechul has gone when she woke up…so only she with hankyung left alone for sure..

___:oppa…heechul appa has gone?

Hankyung:yes..just now..what do you want to eat?

___:are you going to cook?

Hankyung:depands on what do you want...

___:I just want to eat cereal…

Hankyung:just that?prepareit yourself than..


Hankyung:arasso.arasso..go and clean yourself..than you can eat…

___:ok ^-^ tq.

After a while

___:oppa…when will that man come back…im dying of bored here..

Hankyung:just give him a call..

___:oppa..what are you doing?



Hankyung:cant you see…im surfing internet..

___:I mean..what are you surfing?

Hankyung:well..i like to take a look at our fansite..the fans and the anti-fans..

___:you also have anti-fans?

Hankyung:of is not artist if there is no anti-fans..poor heenim


Hankyung:he got the most number of anti-fans among suju..remember last time..when he was in accident?

___:hrmm..oh..yes yes..when he was otw back from donghae’s appa funeral…yes…why?

Hankyung: there are lots of news about that..and got many comments…positive and negetive..but one that the most I remember is…theres an anti-fans give comment something sound like this I suppose..”why didn’t he just die in the accident?!”

___:WTH??!!!^%*&%&$^ dare that bastard leave such a comment.!!!go to hell…she is so blind and don’t have heart!dosent know to grateful!


___:of course..we have to feel grateful to god to create such a nice ‘creature’


Heechul:what creature?

___:eh..appa..lets go..

Heechul:..i wanna sit for a minutes…

___:ok.i’ll give you a drink..what drink do you want?

Heechul:plain cold water please..thank you my daughter… looks so tired..are you ok?

Heechul:a you wanna watch movie?

___:movie..?what movie?

Heechul:any movie..or you really wanna o to anmusment park?

___:appa..sorry..i don’t wanna go there for real..indoor will be

Hankyung:GREAT!!i need to buy lots of mew stuff would be better..

Leeteuk:where are you going….

Heechul:ya do you get in here?

Leeteuk:I heard that you are going for outing..can I join?

___:oppa….of course..why cant..

Leeteuk:let me drive you to the best shopping mall..

Hankyung:if he is the one who is driving..we will never reach our destination..


Heechul:he is the worse driver I ever met!

___:how can he get his licence?

HK+HC:he give tips to the watcher..

Leeteuk:ya!..i am better now!

Hankyung:lets go..we will going to many place..


At the shopping centre..they are the centre of people eyes..many people staring at them..until one incident happen..

Anti-fans: (accidently bump into heechul and scold him)HEY!YOU!ARE YOU BLIND IM WALKING HERE!!!THIS IS NOT YOUR PATH!

___:this is not you path either!!you bump on him and you scold him!!what the f**k!!

Anti-fans:hey!you!who are you?!protecting that ‘girl’?!

___:(slap the anti-fans)watch your mouth…and listen here you bastard!!!you are nobody!you are the one wo should being scold!!you fatty(the anti-fans is fat)

Anti-fan:YOU!!(about to punch her)

Heechul:STOP!! sorry..i made a bumping you..

___:oppa(she will call him oppa in public)…why?!! a waste when you talk to someone like are wasting your time and saliva!

___:as anti-fans of him you are anti him is ok..but you don’t have to say something bad about him or scold him in public!!reflect ypuself!!you ugly fatty..!!

Leeteuk:___-ah..stop..heechul will get angry..(whispering)

___:I cant stand! She must not said that to him!she is nobody *pointing her finger at the anti-fan rudely*

Heechul:___-ah!!i say STOP!!lets go home!!

___:(very very shocked as she never saw heechul get angry b4)

So after what happen..they just go home and of course there will be bad rumors about ___ bcoz she slapped a public. The next morning(around 11.30), 4 of them(Heechul,Hankyung,Leeteuk and ___) are called to go to LSM’s office . They were questioned about yesterday incident.

LSM:I want to hear from eeteuk’s mouth about what he saw and what happen and why did it happened?

Leeteuk:actually sonsaengnim..the girl are the anti-fans of heechul..from her face expression he bumped into heechul proposely..then she scold heechul..after that ___ scold her back when she replied with something that makes ___ angry and ___ slapped her..

LSM:heechul..isit true?

Heechul:I am ot sure if she proposely or accidently bumped me..but mostly what eeteuk told us just now is true..


Hankyung:I was at somewhere else that time..what I know is only that an anti-fan bumped and scolded heechul..

LSM:___..what is your problem until you can slapped her?you know how rumors are spread right?!what are the rumors that waiting for you..what ever happen you must control youself from hit people..not even touch them..can you understand?!

___:sonsaengnim..mianhae..i just..i will control myself next time..

Leeteuk:sonsaengnim..if there anything happen..that must get her to get punish..i will do the punishment with her..

Heechul:yes me too..she is new in this..we should give her chance to renew herself..

Hankyung:yes bcoz all 4 of us were there yesterday...

LSM:ok…we will meet again if there anything..

Outside LSM’s office.. so sorry..if I didn’t lost my temper yesterday..we will not be in this situation..

Heechul:___-ah..lets the bygones bygones..

___:ah…my headache…im gonna rest..for a while..tell me if there any updates…bye…ah!!!*going to the dorm by herself* other hand..

Leeteuk:we must get her into this type of enviroment…she must get use to it…

Heechul:your lover is coming so we are going bye eeteuk*smirk*


Aichen:eeteuk!what are you doing?


Aichen:ok..lets go…I’ve prepared lunch for us…


Aichen:where is that girl?


Aichen:is there any other girl in super junior?!

Leeteuk:she is you know what happen yesterday?

Aichen:nope…what?you go out with them right?

Leeteuk:yes…heechul, hankyung and ___..we accidently meet an anti-fans of heechul…you know how close and similar those two human…then..

Aichen:___ do something?

Leeteuk:she slapped her…

Aichen:what?!thats cannot be…she is very polite and cute girl

Leeteuk:she is very fierce if you want to know…even heechul never done..oh no no no..heechul done that before…for hankyung….yes..they are really the same…hmmm*nod nod*

Aichen:lets eat and not talk anymore…

At the dorm…

___:ahhh!!!what have I done…I am new and I do this..WTF!!ahh…my headache…*go to the comp and on9*

While she is on9ing…heechul and hankyung enters…

Heechul:I thought you wanna have some rest?

___:this is how I is relaxing…

Hankyung:you are worse than heechul..he will on9 all the time but when he wanna rest, he will…but you..this is how you rest..what are you surfing for?

___:I am updating my very own super junior fansite…look *turn the monitor to heechul and hankyung*

Heechul:scince when?

___:3 days ago…why?

Hankyung:in 3 days you have this lot of

___: I post a video of myself saying this fansite is own by me…hehe

Heechul:what are you update about?

___:about us…what ever we do..what ever in a day…even what we eat..hehe..and I got a lots of feedback…it is fun…

Heechul:what are posting now?

___:a post of forgiveness to public…for what I’ve done..i really hpe they will forgive me..also to the person that I slpped..

Heechul:hmm…nice..what do you want to eat?

___:appa I wanna eat if only you cook for me..hehe*continue updating her fansite*

Heechul:ya!do you think I can cook?!

___:haha what ever… your effort!

Heechul:this kid is so…%$# %&* *&^ $&$

___:ya!ya!ya!you…$^^%c ^$& ^%^ *laughing*

Heechul:YA!!&^%#% *laughing*

Hankyung:*laughing*ya!you guys can stop it now!!hahaha

___:*stop laughing and make serious face to hankyung*oppa cook for me!

Hankyung:YA!you 2 stop and you ask me to cook..why?

___:oppa I wanna eat Beijing fried rice..oppa 발리!!!

Hankyung:아라소2..!! 한국 no.1 노고리 강인 is here!!what are you doin here?!

Kangin:!i heard that you are making Beijing fried rice..i want some..

Heechul:you *%^%!!



Hankyung:you 2 &^&^%^%# %$&^% &*^%&^$ ^#^%$ ^%*&..!!!!!!!!!cut it of!!


Whn hankyung went of to cook…

Heechul:kangin…how do you know that he will cook Beijing fried rice?

Kangin:what do you think your dughter doin with internet?

Heechul:she told you..while we are arguing?

Kangin:what else?

___:with internet..the world is at our finger tip…you can know and tell everything to everyone through use it wisely..^-^

HC/KI:are making CF?

___:yes…I can act in CF right?everyone will buy the product that I promote..

HC/KI:*looking somewhereelse* Kangin:hyung..are you busy? Heechul:not so..blah blah..

___:YA!!im talking to myself!!!

Heechul:do you heard anything?

Kangin:nope!what about you?


(??):ahhh~~!nice whether!

___:oppa!!!why are you here?

Eunhyuk:ok then..i just go back…

___:oppa~~why do you come here?

Eunhyuk:our leader wanna meet us..10 minutes from now..

Heechul:you can just text us..

Eunhyuk:I just wanna meet our beloved new member..


Euunhyuk:not cheesy as our leader!

___:chakamman chakamman!!!you said that leader wanna meet us rite?odie?

Eunhyuk:ahh!!at eeteuk hyung dorm…hankyung hyung odiessoyo?

Kangin:hes making Beijing fried rice!

Eunhyuk:great!im hugry…

Hankyung:ya!!i just make it for heechul and ___...


___:thats eww..

KI/EH:*nod nod* seems that we are coming to the wrng house..lets just go home!!


Heechul:annyeong!!and don’t ever come again!

___:haha*close the door*

10 minutes later…at eeteuk’s dorm..

Donghae:everyone is here?

Eeteuk:exept tiffany…

All exept DH:hahahahahahahahaha!

Donghae:don’t try to be funny hyung!

Eeteuk:but they laughed!

Donghae:what eva..ok..the reason I call you here today is..bcoz..LSM and manager had discussed and they had decided that our first Super Show ll will be on (date) at (the place)Seoul..

___:I just wanna say..for nothing and it is not important at all…b4 I be SJ member..i am your biggest fan..and I fight with my brothers to go to your SS1 at Thailand..

Heechul:you go to thailand??

___:all by myself just to watch you perform…am I sweet?

All:*ignoring her*

___:ya!!i really hate being ignored!!i’ll take revenge!!

Heechul:how many song do we have to perform?

Donghae:LSM haven’t decide it yet..another thing is that..sorry sorry and neorago will be we will go to studio tomorrow to record it..ok?


___:as we are all here..isn;t there something to eat?

KI/EH:ya!!you ate Beijing fried rice before you came her arent you?!

___:it was talking about now!!

Kangin:your appetie is bigger than shindong!what the..

___:so?!Aare you jealous?


___:haaaa??harumaninhn..baengchin,,neaga dwego shippeo..oh baby…


Leeteuk:another gag person in suju…suju were ment to be funny..

___:then I’ve to work hard to be funny!i just gonna learn it from you sensei..*bow to heechul 2 times*

Heechul:YA!!am I dead?(bow 2 times is for ‘penghormatan terakhir’for the dead person)

___:no..just passed away…

Heechul:ya!who do you think you are?!

___:lovely and sweet girl from suju…hehe

Kyuhyun:science when you transform to be a gag person?

Heechul:science she and dongahe have no relation ship!(take revenge)


Donghae:ok guys enough…we maybe have broke up..but we still friend as usuall..

Kyuhyun:the last time you talk to each other is when you still at states rite?!

___:what??,,no..i always talk to him!!!dont tease me…!!!

Donghae:yes!!wait..when did we talk?

___:you really have fish brain aren’t you.?!

Dong;hae:don’t call me fish again!

____:when did I call you fish?!i just telling that you have fish brain…im not calling you fish!!!

Donghae:it is the same!!!it is still FISH!!

Kyuhyun:enough you 2…thank godness yo are not leaving together anymore…haish..

Suddenly..their manager come..

Manager:I have goodnews…LSM..just gimme 2 new kondo keys…

Donghae:wait!what do you mean by 2?does that mean we will be leavin in just two units?

Manager:lets me finish talking first! serve it right FISH..

Manager:by the end of this must move there!

___:oppa!can we move out today?

Manager:you can if you are ready…

___:how many..*being cut by manager*

Manager:LSM had divided into 2 group..lets me see…her it one..eeteuk,heechul,kangin,donghae,siwon,hankyung and 2..yesung,shindong,sungmin,eunhyuk,ryeowook,kibum and kyuhyun..there will be no changes from